Once upon a time, there were fields of gold all over the Kingdom.
The fields were so beautiful that nobles and royals would travel for miles and miles, just for a glimpse. You see, the fields of gold were covered in golden tulips. This is not all, the golden tulips had big beautiful eyes.

They saw everything and everyone that crossed the Kingdom. These fields were destroyed hundreds of years ago, but there is still one field left. Show support for the once beloved fields of gold and wear an eye necklace.
Bring back the kingdom!!
You might just become a noble yourself.

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October is here

Good morning!
 Let’s begin the countdown for the scariest day of the year, yes, Halloween.
When celebrating Halloween, I am encouraging you to enter into a pumpkin carving competition. Get into the spirit, get competitive, and if you want extra luck, wear this spider necklace! Your competitors are sure to feel defeated and run away.
But run away from you, or to our online store?….

Desert of Sahara

 The princess of Sahara lives in an extreme climate. She lives in hot, dry, windy and sunny conditions. You might think her life is easy, because she’s a Princess, but it is not. She lives a life just like you, and like me. Except, she always wears her hair piece. Do you have a hair piece? It’s pretty much the only thing separating you from her. 

 La princesa del Sáhara vive en extremas condiciones. Vive en un ambiente muy cálido, seco, un sol radiante y mucho viento. Podéis imaginaros que su vida es muy fácil, pero no es así. Vive como tú y como yo, excepto que ella siempre lleva joyas en el pelo. ¿Tienes joyas para el pelo ?. Probablemente sea esto lo único que la diferencia de nosotros... 

¡Acabamos de lanzar nuestra nueva colección!

Princess Advice: It’s not about the diamonds you wear, it’s about the diamond you are on the inside!

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If the bridges are burned, and it's your turn to cry a river - you probably should. However, knowing that you're probably going to ugly cry, we advise you to wear these earrings to bring attention away from your red, puffy, salty face. 

If Justin could do it, YOU CAN TOO! 

Cry me a river, and then build a bring and get over it! Make sure you waltz across that bridge with a pair of killer heels and these dashing earrings. Now, that is what I call Justified behavior! 

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Cry Baby

This is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s.
 Celebrate Warhol and the 60's with this striking banana necklace!

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Bananas are great. 
You can dry bananas, fry bananas, make banana cake, banana bread, banana split, banana porridge, banana pancakes, banana muffins, banana smoothie, banana pudding,  or just have it as it is. 
Wear this banana necklace while making this banana pancake recipe:

1) Banana

2) Pancake Mix

Mix the mashed banana into the pancake mix. Yeah that’s the recipe, enjoy. 

Travel light


In this global, cosmopolitan world, you’re bound to end up traveling. As a fashionista this may be difficult. Overweight no longer makes you yell “I’M JUST CURVY”, but leads to you paying for your curvy carryon. So, how do you travel light? 

1) Don’t pack too much

2) Don’t bring your shoes that look like bricks, they’re not that pretty anyways. 

3) Remember that forgetting leads to shopping 

4) Leave your winter jacket at home, go somewhere warm instead.

5) No, you’re not going to read (books are heavy) 

6) They have toilet paper there, no need to bring any.

I’d like to repeat, that the more you bring, the heavier your luggage will get. Weight does not lie (unless you ate a lot for Christmas).