Winter is Officially Over!

I'm DONE With Winter. 
Deal with it. 
Peace Out. 

Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and cold February is over! It was a great ride, but I’m ready for the gloomiest time of year to be over! Shouldn’t it be by now? There are no more gifts to give, no more cheat days, fireworks, full chocolate boxes, or ski get aways, which means that spring is up next. Although the season of winter is unfortunately still present in March, I have decided to flip the page and welcome Spring. Also, I would like to take the time to encourage Spring dances, as opposed to rain dances, although I am aware that the two are linked.

Let me take you on a journey. Imagine white sandy beaches, the sound of waves, and birds blocking the sun as you're tanning on the beach. You might even be sipping a mojito, or piña colada. Can you hear hakuna-matata in the background? Good. Unfortunately it's March, and this image is not going to become reality for another few months. To make us all feel more optimistic about the present, I would like to introduce my very new, summer-y marine inspired collection, “Bomb Shell”, full of fish, shells and crab kisses, to encourage you, and the climate to get on with the only present I’m comfortable with, Spring/Summer ‘15. 

Save the Date: Spring 2015 officially starts on Friday, 20th March

Check out my new collection to become the absolute B O M B S H E L L 

Crab kisses from all of us, to all of you!  


Look like Vicky Martin Berrocal


"Art Deco Red Pearl"

I met Vicky almost ten years ago in Ibiza, when Rihanna had just come out with her single Pon de Replay. Today the designer is just as stylish and fun as she was then! Working as a blogger for Elle her hard work and effortless style can (and should!) be seen by all. Her latest post featured her wearing a fluffy white fur coat, a casual collared shirt and a statement piece, the necklace Art Deco Red Pearl from the For Your Eyes Only collection :)

She looks absolutely fabulous, and I would just like to say THANK YOU VICKY for wearing the Art  Deco necklace!
I designed it because it suits everyone and can make an outfit *POP* in a subtle way.

Check out the necklace here


Peeptoes featuring Patricia Nicolás

A lunch date with Paula Ordovás for 



Il Tavolo Verde 

Have you ever followed a blogger through instagram, twitter or any of the other social media outlets, in awe of their lifestyle and attitude? What is she/he like? Would we be friends if we met?

In the case of Paula Ordovás the answers are: yes, amazing and of course. 

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the PR, journalist, and blogger for Peeptoes, the one and only Paula Ordovás, for an interview sequence that she calls "One Hour With" featured on her blog.
Her impeccable style not only lies in fashion, but also restaurants; we went to Il Tavolo Verde for lunch. If you're ever in Madrid, go there! The cafe is organic, and vintage. SO the place you need to tell your vegan friend about (it's not vegan though). The interior design is all for sale, tables, chairs, everything...You could be eating off a plate there, and buy it for your own house!

We discussed business, my collaboration with Fashion Week, the soon to be released collection "Bomb Shell" and naturally, covered the latest blogger gossip! I brought a few pieces from my "For Your Eyes Only" collection, making Paula go bananas! We took a picture for instagram where she's wearing the eyes necklace (Cat Eyes Long) and I'm wearing the eye earrings (Look Through My Eyes), which you can check out on my and her instagram account. I had a great time with Paula and she was so nice, down to earth, and genuine!


 ¿Alguna vez has seguido un blogger a través de Instagram, Twitter o cualquier red social por su actitud, lifestyle y estilo ? ¿Como es ella / él? ¿Seríais amigos si os conocierais?
En el caso de Paula Ordovás las respuestas son: sí, sin duda y por supuesto!
Ayer tuve el placer de conocer a la periodista y blogger para Peeptoes, The one and only Paula Ordovás, para una entrevista en su blog que ella llama ¨One hour with¨  o en español, una hora con. 
Su estilo impecable no sólo lo demuestra en la ropa que elige, sino también para encontrar lugares y restaurantes increíbles. Me cito en  Il Tavolo Verde para un lunch meeting y me encantó el sitio. Si estáis por Madrid, no dudéis en ir a conocerlo. El café es orgánico, y el estilo y la decoración vintage. Además allí esta todo a la venta; sofás, mesas, libros, lámparas y todo con estilo retro.
Hablamos de business y de mi ultima colaboración con Fashion Week, y de la nueva colección que se lanzará muy pronto "Bombshell". Además lleve algunas piezas de mi colección de ojos  For your eyes only que me reconoció que es su preferida. Hicimos algunas  fotos para Instagram donde ella lleva el collar de ojos y yo los pendientes de la misma colección. Paula y yo nos lo pasamos genial, es una persona muy natural, agradable, súper simpática y auténtica! 
Gracias Paula por  la entrevista y una tarde tan divertida. :)
Podéis leer en su blog la entrevista.

Paula is wearing the eye necklace. 
I am wearing the eye earrings. 

Paula is wearing the EYE necklace.

So thank you Paula for an amazing lunch and interview! 

Check out My Interview segment on her blog.



Design for a Catwalk

MY Fashion week collaboration 

As you may know, I concluded my collaboration with Maya Hansen for her “Padded” biker themed collection a few days ago. This is my usual design process for collaborations...

1. Receive the Call: Maya called me 2 weeks before the show. Staring at your phone won't do the trick, sometimes YOU have to make the call. You're not dating, so this time don't play  "hard to get"

2. Do the Research: I bought books, magazines, and went to a motorcycle fair in London. Don't make the same mistake as I did, wear a pink jumpsuit and blue pastel fur to a biker themed event (they're great though!!). Bellow is a picture of a perfect outfit to get your creativity going! I'm wearing earrings from my latest collection Bomb Shell,  boots Alexander Wang NY, Racoon fur coat from Beni Room, cropped pants and a Loewe bag.

3. Sketching: I use pencil and illustrator to sketch the pieces. Remember to fuel up with a banana, it'll give you super powers to become an amazing sketcher. 

4. Prototypes: I create the pieces and show them to the designer for feedback. I made the arrow earrings upon Maya's specific request, but the highway, helmet, and globes was my own initiative. 

5. Whatsapp Communication: Communication is key, so we created a whatsapp group (Maya, Chema Anton, head of Press for Maya and I) to discuss the pieces, quantities, designs, colours, sizes etc. Poop emoji's were used very freely. 

6. Puzzle Pieces with Models: I brought the jewellery a few days before the event, to pair them with the outfits. This we do as a joint effort, because we're all in this together, like in High School Musical

TIP: Maya gives me a lot of CREATIVE freedom, making the process so much FUN, otherwise i would just be producing and I’m not a factory worker, I live my life democratically. (Love you China!)

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: A two week design process is do-able if you're passionate and hard working, which you have to be in this industry. The competition is brutal and unlike ELEPHANTS, people easily forget you. 

Check out the new collaboration here

Remember that creativity and open-mindedness is VITAL for the design process. 

Let your brain turn go rainbow-crazy!! 



Still COLD?

Beni Room is situated in the select area known as Barrio de Salamanca, Serrano 86,  in Madrid.  It's a multi-brand fashion store with a bohemian feel and really cool brands! I love the T-shirts selection from Wild Fox, and the cozy winter coats by Woolrich  but what I love the most is the  new range of ¨Benni Room¨ raccoon coats. The design is great with plenty of colors and made out of the softest fur, ever.  Everyone is wearing them at the moment ! 
In the photos I am wearing boots by Alexander Wang, bag Loewe and clothes Beni Room,
because I am a 100% Beni Room girl!
Love you sister, keep up the good work :)

SURPRISE : The earrings I am wearing are from my new collection Bombshell and they will be available online in my website and at Beni Room from next month. 

TIP: Beni Room has just released their new website. So if you are not going to Madrid soon , I advise you take an online trip the shop so you don't miss the amazing clothes, accessories and colorful fur coats.




A few days ago I was interviewed for Vanity Fair  for fashion show expertise and London Fashion Week gossip. Yesterday they posted the interview online, but in Spanish. 
Here is the translation, enjoy! 

Patricia Nicolas: "The most approachable celebrity I've encountered at a fashion show, is Olivia Palermo. The least approachable is..."

How to behave, what to wear, and where to go. The designer reveals her secrets to London Fashion Week.

For many of us Patricia Nicolas is the Spanish Kate Moss. Daughter of the Spanish jewellers Nicol’s, her vocation and talent for design clearly runs in the family. Launching her company in London 2006 after finishing her studies at London's Central Saint Martins, her pieces are colourful and pop art inspired. The pieces range from mouth necklaces, Frida Kahlo earrings, tomatoes, shrimps, and eyes. Sold in places such as Harrods or Harvey Nichols, the products have been seen on celebrities like Dree Hemingway, Alexa Chung and Florence Welch. So, who better to shed some light on London Fashion Week and British fashion than Patricia herself? 

1. What are the essentials to bring to a fashion show?

A camera, hydrating cream, make up, lip balm, ipad, tickets for the show (I tend to forget…), sunglasses, red lipstick, rouge, water bottle and iphone. 

2. Should you wear the designers clothes to their fashion shows?

It’s not a must, but it’s great if you can. 

3. How do you politely tell someone they're in your front row seat?

Uff…  it can be very problematic. You have to be very diplomatic, or simply sit in the second row. What's the worst that could happen?

4. Is it socially acceptable to talk to the celebrities sitting next to you, even though you don't know them?

In principle, no. When I go to fashion shows I do it for work. I have to be attentive to the styles and colours as a designer. I'm there for inspiration! It's a very busy time of year for me, with many things to do, and very little time. 

5. What do you do if someone wants to photograph you for street-style, can you say no?

The best thing is just to pose and smile, unless you're in a hurry. ;)

6. In your experience, who are the most and least approachable celebrities at fashion week?

I would say Olivia Palermo is the most approachable celebrity. I had the opportunity to meet her at the Burberry Prorsum show in London - I never miss the show! She was super open and down to earth. We took pictures and posted them on my instagram. I would say that the least approachable celebrity is model, Rosie Huntington (Victoria's Secret, Burberry). Although when I saw her she must've had a really bad day, she didn't want to be photographed and was very distant. Nevertheless she is very pretty!

7. Who is the hottest designer  right now?

My favourite designs are from Topshop Unique, they're so cool and colorful and the show is always crazy and fun ! I love Burberry Prorsum, it's always modern and elegant. In recent years Burberry has done their shows at Hyde Park in a tent, it's spectacular. One year the fashion show began with the sound of running water, everyone instantly fell silent. When the pouring stopped, a silent few seconds were followed by Tom Odell playing the piano!

8. Where should you eat in London during Fashion Week?

The Italian restaurant Cecconi's in Mayfair (5A Burlington Gardens)! It's very calm, the food is great and it's central. If I'm in the mood for Japanese cuisine I go to Nobu (15 Berkeley Street). Also, the renowned restaurant Sketch (9 Conduit Street) it's amazing for dinner, there's a piano bar and the atmosphere is wonderful. 

9. What club has "it" status, at the moment? 

Chiltern Firehouse (1 Chiltern Street, Marleybone) without a doubt. It's filled with the biggest fashionistas of London, and the entrance is exclusive to A-listers. I went there with Cara Delevingne for the YSL Beauty event a few weeks ago. It's quite the show!

I hope you enjoyed it! 
Here is the link at Vanity Fair to the Spanish version.