Actress Rossy de Palma loves...

Spanish super talented actress Rossy De Palma wears  ¨For your eyes only" 
collection at the Mac event in Barcelona.

La actriz Rossy de Palma y Patricia Bolas, Directora de comunicación de Mac, posan con piezas de la colección "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY" en el evento de Mac Cosmetics la semana pasada en Barcelona.



Cool Watermelon


Get ready for summer with these deliciously cool watermelon studs.  

You can't help but feel the summer! 



The dream destination

Two years ago I had the chance to visit the Greek islands.
 I spent 15 great summer days on Greece for my holidays.
The climate in the summer is very warm so you need to pack light.
Also the atmosphere in the islands is laid back so casual clothing is a must!
 Here are my favorites to go vacation chic!

Clothes, dress, shoes, lingerie:  BeniRoom


Art, Decor, Style...

Pick up your Vogue! 

If you’ve turned so white during winter you’re almost blue...
or have come out of hibernation...
or what is otherwise known as a closet comprised of black clothes (we also call it the black
 hole), my new 100% silk scarf collection will bring the colour back to your cheeks!
Summer is only a phone call away, let’s get prepared!

The collection is a limited edition, and part of a very personal collection.

I really enjoyed making the illustrations and seeing them come to life.. 

The handkerchief material are 100% silk satin and very versatile,
you can hang them on the wall to up your interior design game, 
so put down your ELLE decor, and pick up your Vogue!




Just arrived back home from
 a lovely vacation trip to Miami!

 I began my trip by meeting up with my friend Jenny. Jenny is a model turned star blogger. 
She collaborates with Vogue Mexico
and she has been named as one of the 
Miami Design District ambassadors.

We went visiting the Pérez Art Museum in Miami (PAMM)
 and had lunch over there.

After we finished the Pérez Art Museum, we went to Wynwood, 
a neighborhood in Miami full of galleries, concept stores and street art. 
 A lot of the sides of houses in Wynwood have street art
 and graffiti murals on them. I really loved the energy and art vibe of this area!
Wynwood Walls feature some of the worlds most renowned street artists.

 Jenny is such a fan of  my collection "For your eyes only"

She is wearing The Twiggy eye necklace 

Thanks Jenny for the best time! 


Don't be a lazy one...!

The Lazy Ones are anything but lazy...
The amazing brand hosted a photoshoot with my
  photographer friend Diego featuring me in a sexy body suit and a ballerina outfit. The 
clothes and accessories in the photoshoot are all by The Lazy Ones, and you can find the
 delicious pieces in their Bricklane store in Shoreditch along with some pieces from my new

The ballerina body-suits make me regret not becoming a ballerina, they feel just like a
 second skin...! My friends, the owners ( Natalia and Diego) surely make you love the skin
 you're in. It's so comfortable, yet chic and the pieces are versatile, too! 

I can't possibly get over how obsessed I am with these, you'll really need to try a piece to
 fully understand how fabulous they are.

Don't be a lazy one, wear The Lazy Ones. 


SHOP Lazys here